What’s the story behind your profile picture?
Mine is of the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary. Over the years here I had many profiles pics on FE including Capt Crunch from the cereal box.

However since I am in constant crisis management my pic is now the Rosary, no matter what I pray the rosary and just give everything over the my rosary intentions. The Rosary is what keeps me going through the chaos.
"There are in truth three states of the converted: the beginning,  the middle and the perfection. In the beginning, they experience the charms of sweetness; in the middle, the contests of temptation; and in the end, the fullness of perfection."
-- Pope St. Gregory

“One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.”
-- attributed to Saint Domenic
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Believe it or not, mine is a marmot. My wife calls me a marmot whenever I sleep longer than I was supposed to.
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Mine is a picture of St. Michael, my patron saint. I use it as a reminder whenever I'm on here or online in general to try and follow his example.
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This question made me realize that I don't have one!  I guess I should consider what to use.
Mine is a picture of the former Melkite patriarch Gregorios meeting with the, at the time, newly elected patriarch of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Sviatoslav.  The Melkite and Ukrainian Catholic churches are the two largest Byzantine Catholic churches, numerically speaking, and de facto the only two patriarchal churches of the Byzantine rite.  The Ukrainian Church is not officially patriarchal, though they claim the title.  The Romanian Church could also claim it, as they are lead by a major-archbishop as well, though I don't think they claim to be a patriarchal church.
Mine is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah, GA. The Sunday sung TLM there is beautiful
St. John the Evangelist. In his epistles he calls those to whom he writes, "filioli mei", or "my little children". I have a long-standing devotion to him.
Dissolve frigus ligna super foco
large reponens atque benignius
     deprome quadrimum Sabina,
          O Thaliarche, merum diota.

Permitte divis cetera...
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Mine was the first picture of a knight I had on my hard drive. It's a gondola, a favorite meme from an imageboard I used to visit. I'm still rather fond of them despite the meme having a fairly sordid history. 

This link has a lot of webms of them, just click on random at the top. It'll probably explain what gondola is better than I can put into words.
With no king to rule me I owe my fealty only to God.
I like the idea of a peaceful community organized around a church. Somewhere I found this snippet of a painting reflecting that idea but can't track where it's from.
I’m a fan of Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen. That’s about the extent of my story.
Perhaps some you didn’t know I was a fan!
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