Confused about fire of Purgatory
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I think I read somewhere that the fire of purgatory is the same fire as that of hell, but has a different effect in purgatory. Is this true and how does this relate to the point that the fire of purgatory is a created grace? There is no grace in hell?

(I'm obviously not a theologian! Trying to understand this topic still)
Yes, both the Eastern Catholic way (of God Himself, or God's Grace, being the Purifying Fire) and the Latin Catholic way (following St. Paul in 1 Cor 3:13-15, St. Cyprian, St. Augustine, St. Gregory the Great etc) of expressing Purgatorial Punishments are legitimate, but I'm with Chairman Joe in saying we should be careful to always emphasize the terrible nature of the painful trials in Purgatory, and of the urgent necessity of making use of all the Church's Treasures for the release and relief of the Holy Souls: "The common teaching of the Saints and Doctors is that the slightest pains endured in the terrible fire of Purgatory will be more painful than all the pains of the present life. The Catholic Encyclopedia notes, “[St.] Augustine (Enarration on Psalm 37, no. 3) speaks of the pain which purgatorial fire causes as more severe than anything a man can suffer in this life (P.L., col. 397). [Pope St.] Gregory the Great speaks of those who after this life ‘will expiate their faults by purgatorial flames,’ and he adds ‘that the pain be more intolerable than any one can suffer in this life’ (Ps. 3 poenit., n. 1). Following in the footsteps of Gregory, St. Thomas teaches (IV, dist. xxi, q. i, a.1) that besides the separation of the soul from the sight of God, there is the other punishment from fire … and St. Bonaventure not only agrees with St. Thomas but adds (IV, dist. xx, p.1, a.1, q. ii) that this punishment by fire is more severe than any punishment which comes to men in this life[.]”

St. Thomas also teaches the fire of Purgatory is one and the same as the fire of Hell, the difference being in the way the fire operates on those who die in grace with only venial sins remaining, who can still be purified, and in those who die in mortal sin and dead to grace, who are irrevocably, eternally lost: “Even as in the same fire gold glistens and straw smokes, so in the same fire the sinner burns and the elect is cleansed.” Therefore, “the fire of Purgatory is the same as the fire of Hell: and hence they are in the same place.”

With regard to the location of Purgatory, some prefer to emphasize that Purgatory is closer to being Hell than to Heaven, because after all the souls there are punished with terrible purifications. Others prefer to view it as a part of the painful, but purgative, process through which those who die with venial sins remaining must still go through, before their ultimate salvation, and thus emphasize its closeness to Heaven.

I believe both explanations are legitimate, though I am of the view that the fire of Purgatory is the same as that of Hell and only operates differently.

The important thing we must ask is, Granted the dogmatic truth of Purgatory, its reality, and its importance, we must all ask ourselves two questions: (1) What am I doing to ensure that I and my loved ones avoid Purgatory? (2) How can I succor the souls already there?

By the Grace of God, Holy Mother Church offers us vast and abundant treasures for both of these. We must make use of Holy Masses, Daily Morning Offerings, Offerings of the Precious Blood, the Holy Rosary and the Scapular, Indulgences, Life Offerings etc to avoid Purgatory.

It will be terrible, no light or laughing matter at all. Best to live in such a way as that we will then not need Purgatory at all to purify us. I like the Sabbatine Privilege Our Lady gave to the Scapular for this, which we can all try to make use of. From the article: "The scapular, beside the great promise of final perseverance in grace to all who wear it devoutly and reverently, also has the Sabbatine Privilege: “As a tender mother, I will descend into Purgatory on the Saturday after their death and will deliver them and bring them to the holy mountain, into the happy sojourn of life everlasting.” Even the very act of kissing the scapular brings more indulgences!"To obtain the Sabbatine Privilege, one must observe chastity, and pray the Rosary or Little Office.

"The other two conditions are: 1) Observe chastity according to one’s state in life and 2) Recite the Little Office of Our Blessed Mother (the Rosary, with permission from a priest, can be substituted for the office). Our Lady revealed to Venerable Dominic of Jesus and Mary: "Although many wear my Scapular, only a few fulfill conditions for the Sabbatine Privilege." We maintain the majority don't know them. It is an act of charity to make the Sabbatine Privilege known to all. A soul from Purgatory was asked by a Sister: "What is the average stay of the souls in Purgatory?" The Poor Soul answered: "From thirty to forty years!" Can you see the importance of making Our Lady's Privilege known – if you consider that the flames are the same as the fires of Hell!"
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"My dear Jesus, before the Holy Trinity, Our Heavenly Mother, and the whole Heavenly Court, united with Your Most Precious Blood and Your Sacrifice on Calvary, I hereby offer my whole life to the Intention of Your Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Together with my life, I place at Your disposal all Holy Masses, all my Holy Communions, all my good deeds, all my sacrifices ...
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