Has tradition been codified?
The Church teaches that revelation has been conveyed to us by scripture and tradition.  Is there a book that has written down and codified what has been passed down by tradition?  

Of course there are resources like the various catechisms, Denziger, Ludwig Ott, etc.  What I have in mind is a resource devoted purely to identifying and recording tradition.
Sacred Tradition is found in the writings of the Church Fathers, what we call Patristic Tradition, the teachings of the Ecumenical Councils, where the entire early Church gathered to settle disputed questions based on Tradition, the Sacred Liturgies handed down by Apostolic Tradition, both our immemorial Roman Rite handed down by Sts. Peter and Paul in Rome, as well as the Eastern Liturgical Tradition. As we know, St. Paul the Apostle commands the Corinthians to hold to the Tradition handed down by the Apostles to the Churches, whether by word of mouth or by letter: "Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle." (2 Thess 2:15) and also apparently referring specifically to Liturgical Tradition, St. Paul wrote, "Now I praise you, brethren, that in all things you are mindful of me: and keep my ordinances as I have delivered them to you." (1 Cor 11:2) speaking of ordinances in the context of the Mass. The Vulgate renders it praecepta. The Greek has παραδόσεις (paradosis), the same word for Tradition as in Mat 15:2. The false tradition of the Jews and the Pharisees was contrasted with true Tradition handed down by Christ and the Apostles. The Divine Liturgy of St. James of Jerusalem would be an example of (Eastern) Liturgical Tradition. St. James, as we know from Scripture and Tradition, was the first Bishop of Jerusalem. https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0717.htm St. James was also the Cousin Brother of the Lord, the son of Alpheus. We also know the names and order of the Gospel writers itself primarily through Tradition. So it is clear Tradition is closely linked to Scripture itself.
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Thank you, but that is not what I am looking for.  I'm asking about a resource that is devoted exclusively to identifying and recording Tradition.
(03-24-2021, 09:01 AM)Evangelium Wrote: Thank you, but that is not what I am looking for.  I'm asking about a resource that is devoted exclusively to identifying and recording Tradition.

To my knowledge, no such resource exists.  The closest that I am aware of are works that list all the Church's infallible teachings.  That, naturally, includes Scripture and Tradition.  A resource that consists only of Tradition would be interesting but I've never heard of one.  I'm not sure what purpose or need it would serve.
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Catholic Encyclopedia might contain most of what you're looking for. But, being an encyclopedia, it's more of a reference than a page-turner.
I think what you're looking for is the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.
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There is no such thing.

It would be nice to have something like that but it seems lately if the Church tries to put anything into writing, it causes more confusion.

A list has the propensity of doing the same. Keep it simple, people misinterpret it. Get long-winded, people don't understand and also misinterpret it.
(03-24-2021, 10:00 AM)IudicaMe Wrote: I think what you're looking for is the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.

That doesn't capture everything and is more toward Papal decrees/laws than capturing Tradition as a whole. 
I don't think tradition can be codified.
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Florus Wrote:I don't think tradition can be codified.

Why not?  If there is Tradition, we should be able to say what it is.

Can someone give me examples of Tradition? Isn't the dogma of the Assumption a good example?

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