Their theology is completely bonkers, and their services are 20 minutes of rock concert, aka worship, followed by a TED talk.  But I do like their music, even if theologically suspect at times, to say the least.  I can sing this stuff all day.  

this one is pretty good too

I never used to like it when my parish sang these tunes
it was like they were trying to piss me off
but the more i listened
the more brainwashed i became
populism is insidious

Seven storey mountain
saint katherine and catherine
teresa of avila
the crowds are the first level on the ascent
it will be beaten out of you by the third level
i used to despise it because it was common and first level
but yeah, go first level
In the name of Jesus

Potter's Hand is another. It is somewhat older with Darlene Z. who was an incredibly talented worship music leader and vocalist. When she was younger she had an incredible combination of vocal talent, prayerful presentation and energy on stage. It was so easy to pray with her. https://youtu.be/TleYjvNqKGo?t=180

Occasionally I like to put my headphones on in a quiet, dimly lit room and pray along with the Praise internet radio channel at AllWorship.com. The words are typically in the form of a prayer so it is easy to pray along with the words. I much prefer the audio-only versions because the video can be distracting. https://www.allworship.com/

This does not keep me from attending mass several times per week, listening to Mother Angelica reruns and various devotions on EWTN. it something I can fairly easily add to the more fundamental types of Catholic worship.

I feel badly for our separated brothers and sisters. They seem very sincere in their worship and desire for a closer relationship with God. They cannot easily add the Eucharist and the wisdom of our faith tradition to their spiritual life.
Their music is kitschy trash that follows the same formula every time. It is incredibly fitting.
"O Charles the Great, we beseech you to make that day arrive soon when society, re-established at its foundations, will cease asking liberty and order from the revolutions."
Prayer to Charlemagne the Great (de confirmatione cultus), by Dom Prosper Guéranger
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