Does anyone diet?
I have mentioned before that I lost 45 pounds this year.  But I am strugle at time to keep the weight off.  I have been walking ten miles a day while I am on disability.  (my disability is called hyper fatigue and I will only be on disability for 6 months so I am able to exercise.)  I walk ten miles, five in the morning and five in the afternoon.  If I miss one session I will gain 2 - 3 pounds.  I tried to eat right and never have been a big eater.  However, I cannot continue to walk ten miles a day.  Does anyone one here have a diet plan/exercise plan that is reasonable for an old guy?  Does anyone else struggle.  The weird thing is that food is not that big a of deal with me.  I like simple foods and don't eat very much at all.
I hope this won't be more that you want to know, and forgive the details, but I have this year been losing a bit of weight too. Not in your league, but in case it might be relevant, I went from about 157 to about 142. At higher weights, you see, these phenomena may be different. But anyway what I've noticed is based on the fact that I was weighing myself several times a day, just to observe fluctuations, and also to decide how much to eat. And what I noticed is that when I miss walking one day, my weight would be about 1.5 pounds higher. Then after walking the next day, ploop! right back down again. Can you figure out the cause? Walking stimulates digestive activity. When I miss a walk, I get behind.... shall we say, one's walk might be called a "daily constitutional". Anyway, if you didn't understand, just PM me. In other words, it isn't real weight, it just corresponds to our... daily constitution. I hope that helps a bit with that one factor--your weight probably isn't really going up by three pounds on a day when you don't walk. You just remain a little more full that day.
If it were me, I'd emphasize low-calorie proteins like egg white, or ham for meats. I would just try to select low-calorie items in each food group. Perhaps identify the five highest-calorie items you consume, and cut those each in half. Maybe it's butter, olive oil, bread, sugar, and something else. One thing I've discovered is that coffee stimulates my appetite. When I get a mind to drop another couple of pounds, I drink only two cups a day. YMMV! :)
10 miles a day sounds like a lot, and it is by today's standards, but it's not much for the body or by yesterday's standards.
I have the same problem.  I don't eat excessively, but I don't get enough exercise, so the pounds stay on.  I went on a hunting trip and lost 25 pounds without trying because we were going 15+ miles per day with packs and guns over mountainous terrain.  It all came back in a month.
If you can't do 10 miles per day walking, maybe you can do 5 jogging or "speed walking".
But, I know what you are going through, and I co-miserate.
I'm on a seefood diet...
I've spent years off and on trying different exercises and watching what I ate. I'd watch it disappear from my plate, but I wasn't watching portion sizes or the calorie count.
I started jogging on a treadmill two years ago and lost a good amount of weight, but still had a lack of muscle tone and high body fat percentage. 
Now I'm down to my goal weight and have lost a lot of fat in the process. 
What worked is what I avoided for years because I didn't want to make that much of an effort.
I began keeping a food diary, and then I started counting calories.  I found out how many calories I would need to get to my goal and how much to maintain.  I learned more about 'clean eating' which basically amounts to avoiding refined starches and junk food and eating a good amount of protein and fruits and veggies and some whole grains.
That and this year I started working out with weights and you cannot believe the transformation!
I also run 3 miles every other day and run up and down the stairs...I'm going to learn to do ballet exercises for greater flexibility and balance.
Bottom line: count calories and weight lifting and keep walking (although you won't have to walk as much if you do the other two).
God Bless,
I don't diet for I am thin by constitution. I am not model thin but that doesn't upset me, for I think today's standards are crazy. I don't exercise but I do a lot of physical work, like cleaning my house every day, taking care of the kids, etc. I don't allow myself to rest too much during the day either, for I have a tendency to be lazy. [Image: embarrassed.gif] . Saint Ignatius of Loyola, in his exercises, says something like "eat as you were in the presence of Jesus Christ" or "while you eat picture Our Lord eating with the disciples and consider how He drinks, how He looks, how He talks; and try to imitate Him". Of course, we are not going through a retreat, but I found out that remembering Our Lord is a great help towards moderation in all things, including food.
I'm diabetic, so I have to be very careful about my weight. When I was younger, exercise was enough. I walked an hour per day. Now I have to watch my diet too.
I find that foods that are low on the glycemic index (i.e. slow to absorb) not only keep my blood sugar low, but also regulate my appetite and keep my weight low. I recommend avoiding animal fat (butter, egg yolks, lard, etc.) and refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour, white rice, etc.), and instead eating lean proteins (fish, chicken breasts, egg whites, etc.), low-fat dairy (milk, yogurt), fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains (especially brown rice). I also avoid anything with corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and trans fats (all of which you will find in most convenience foods).
I love to cook and have adapted most of my family's traditional recipes to my new diet. I'd be happy to share them with anyone who's interested. Just send me a PM. 
Well I had a small bowl of raison brand for breakfast.  For lulnch I had a can of green beens and a large portion of lowfat cottage cheese and a  piece of water mellon.  I adore water mellon and truely believe that it had to have been the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden.  Tonight for dinner I have going to have can of progresso chicken and rice soup and add some green beens and mushrooms for filler.  I have choisen these foods because I think that they will digest easily.  If I eat beef for example it just seems to sit in my stomach for days and leaves a hugh bulge there.  It looks like a beer gut to me but I don't drink beer.  I have no objection to gaining weight as I am underr weight it is just that when I gain weight it seems to go right to the stomach/gut.  Also, I will watch the tv program the Biggest Looser tonight however this will be my first time as a looser myself.  Maybe it will give me some insentive.  To tell you the truth I sure could go for a Carrot Cake with the really heavy butter cream icing but I know the same and guilt that I would feel after.  I do have a problem with the scale.  I weigh myself about once an hour.  After lunch there was a two pound weight gain.  I thought about one of those aerobic videos to have on tv once a day but I am not very coordinated and could hurt myself.   I was thinking though that it would be so much easier to be a big fat pig like Homer Simpson and just be able to eat whatever you want.  Any diet tips or exercise tips are welcome. 
Weighing yourself too often will just frustrate you - I know from experience. Plus weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day, depending on how much water you are retaining as well as other factors. Also, muscle weighs more than fat, so a gain in weight does not necessarily equal an increase in body fat. It is better to track your progress through measurements (of your waist for instance) on a weekly basis.

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