Taking Holy Communion after Accidental Profanity
Hi everyone!. My first post here.

Can one take Holy Communion after accidental profanity or accidental use of the Lord's name in vain?

On Saturday I went to confession. After wards I used profanity in my head out of pure habit. I thought the following: "There is no way I am going to stop going to f****** Church." Is this a mortal sin?

I didn't mean to use a curse word to describe Church but it just popped into my head. Regardless, on Sunday, I partook in the Eucharist because I didn't mean to even THINK such a thing.

But I was worried I had committed a mortal sin before Communion, which is itself a mortal sin. I must advise that I suffer from OCD scrupulosity so I don't trust my own judgment! My confessor knows I'm scrupulous.  I'm just afraid my parish priests are too forgiving.

I have lived a profane and licentious lifestyle for 20+ years so, although I no longer utter profanity or blaspheme out loud, in my thoughts I use them, fairly unintentionally. I also habitually say things in my head like "Oh my" "Oh dear", and "Oh my ---", and "Oh dear ---" which I consider to be using the Lord's name in vein.

Thank you.

**I edited this comment because I was not reverential enough of Mass. I shall confess this sin.
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