Taking Holy Communion after Accidental Profanity
(03-31-2021, 05:19 PM)Marmot Wrote: Hi Vir, welcome.

Is there a specific reason that you worry that you can't trust the advice of your confessor? If not, I think it's good to try to be very open with your confessor and submit your judgment to his.

I have no specific reason per say other than different priests may have different opinions. For example some say you can do work on Sunday if it doesn't prevent you going to Mass and some say NO unnecessary work whatsoever. I was wondering if this was one of those case.

I've only been back to the faith for 6 weeks so I am learning abut different people's attitudes and opinions.

**I edited this comment because in my original remark I don't think I was giving priests or their opinion enough respect. I shall confess this irreverence.
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