Taking Holy Communion after Accidental Profanity
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I would suggest you pray this prayer by Saint Claude de la Colombiere each day, the final paragraph of which predates St Therese by 200 years, but could be right out of her writing.

An Act of Confidence in the Goodness of our Lord

Lord, behold a soul that is in this world to exercise Thy admirable mercy and to make it shine before Heaven and Earth. Others glorify Thee by manifesting the strength of Thy grace by their fidelity and constancy. As for me, Lord, I will glorify Thee by making known Thy infinite Goodness toward sinners, proclaiming that nothing can exhaust it and that there is no relapse, no matter how vile and ignominious, that should make a sinner despair of pardon.

If I have greviously offended Thee, my adorable Redeemer; it would be even worse were I to hurl at Thee the horrendous insult of considering the goodness of Thy Heart insufficient to pardon me!

It is in vain that Thy and my enemy prepares new nooses of despair. He will cause me to lose everything before I lose the hope I have in Thy mercy.

Even if I were to fall a hundred times, and even if my crimes were to be a hundred times more horrendous, I would still hope in Thee!

Thank you very much for this, Macksbeard, especially the prayer at the end. I shall recite it when feeling overly scrupulous or afraid.

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