Taking Holy Communion after Accidental Profanity
(04-13-2021, 02:04 PM)Matas Wrote: Simple answer - No.  

I wouldn't.  Receiving Holy Communion is not a weekly obligation.  I have "accidentally" let out an oath without thinking much about it, like out of habit.  I went to confession because it seemed obvious that there still was some reflection and penance that I needed to do in the profanity department.

And I sure would not trust some long-winded treatise suggesting that it's OK.

Hi Matas,

I am not talking about profanity out loud. I am talking about thoughts.
For example in my head I'll think "Where are my d*** keys?" Or far worse, "I'll think to say my **** prayers."

All the priests I've talked to say I'm not sinning since they are automatic thoughts.

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