Read Outloud Intros to the Hours of the The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary?
Does one read out loud Intros to the Hours of the The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Before each Hour prayers is a small intro that ends in Amen. I am unsure if this is to just be read or treated as a prayer. I attached a picture.

I'm using this version:
(04-02-2021, 09:51 PM)virSapiens Wrote: I attached a picture.

I'm not seeing a picture, just the link to the book. My LOBVM doesn't have an 'intro' It begins with a Hail Mary, followed by, V. O God, come to my assistance; R. O Lord, make haste to help me.
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Could it be the Collect for the previous Hour? Unlike most Offices, the Little Office has a different one for each Hour.
Yours appears to be the Baronius version, which I also use. The "introductions" are little reflections on the hour taken from "Our Lady's Mirror," which is a devotional treatise. I think it would be at your choice whether or not to read them silently, aloud, or skip them entirely. I usually skip them. They're not part of the text of the actual Office.
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Optional Prayers Before the Office"

O Lord, open Thou my mouth, that it may bless Thy holy name:
cleanse my heart too from all vain, evil and distracting thoughts.
Enlighten my understanding, kindle
my affections, that I may be able to say this office meetly
with attention and devotion, and
may deserve to be heard before the presence of
Thy Divine Majesty. Through Christ our Lord.

Generally I skip it because when I pray the Little Office I say Matins-Lauds-Prime altogether. Any more than that and my attention starts to wander. (I use the book that Angelus Press put out that includes the Office of the Dead. )
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