(04-04-2021, 09:54 PM)FultonFan Wrote: Sounds like she may indeed be a feminist!

That aside, Blessed Easter to you!!
Blessed Easter to you..thank you for your reply.
(04-04-2021, 08:56 PM)AnaCarolina1 Wrote: At Easter no less. All I said was Happy Easter and had on my new Mantilla. Then she gave me a tirade and told me St Paul disliked women.
Tell her you'll discuss St. Paul with her after she picks on Muslims, who make their women wear tents, or on orthodox Jews, who make their women wear wigs and won't let them form minyanim, or Hindus, who expect wives to obey their husbands and not eat until everyone else in the house has eaten, or all the Native American nations like the Blackfeet, who'd buy women from the women's fathers, send them back when they got sick of them, keep any kids produced, and slash off the noses of adulteresses, or pagan Roman women, who couldn't vote and who lost their children in divorce to their husbands or closest male relative, etc.
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That same Catholic Church that required women to veil, based on St Paul, raised women to the highest point that they had ever enjoyed in any society, anywhere in recorded history. They got a major set back with the Renaissance, when the 'elite' started looking back to the Greeks and Romans for inspiration, since both those cultures treated women as chattels. 

But as usual, if the facts don't fit the narrative, the Left simply ignores the facts.
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(04-05-2021, 12:35 AM)VoxClamantis Wrote: or Hindus, who expect wives to obey their husbands and not eat until everyone else in the house has eaten

Don't forget the burning of women when the husband dies.

Or do they not do that anymore, since a bunch of evil, racist white men with guns and nooses(!) disrespected their culture and put a stop to it?
I think she resented my Mantilla. I use bobby pins at home.

She's the neighbor who asked me too why I get dressed to do my garden at other times. I like to look nice when my husband gets home, so I wear a dress or skirt.  Nothing big deal think summer dress

So I told her this. She thought I was nuts. O well.

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