Can converts receive the Sacrament of Confession?
(04-13-2021, 12:27 PM)J Michael Wrote:
(04-13-2021, 12:24 PM)convert145 Wrote: I can't get a straight answer on this. I'm a convert attending an SSPX parrish and my priest says that I can go to confession if I want but that I can't receive absolution. Online there doesn't seem to be any real consensus about this. I read the thread yesterday about how many go to hell and I have had a very sinful life. I've been to confession before, about 3 months ago. 
     If I do go should I tell the priest that I am a convert but not yet Catholic?
Sounds like you're a catechuman, not a "convert".  Once you are officially received into the Church via baptism and/or confirmation, you will then be a "convert" and then you may confess and receive absolution.

And yes...if you go to confession before you're received into the Church, DO tell the priest that you are a catechuman, not yet Catholic.
I am baptized but not fully brought into the Church. I didn't know if the term "catechumen" was only for people in RCIA which I'm not doing anymore. Just one on one with a priest. It's just so uncomfortable to be told I can't receive absolution in confession because I understand the sacrament and desperately want it ASAP.
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