Can converts receive the Sacrament of Confession?
(04-13-2021, 12:33 PM)Pandora Wrote: If you are not yet confirmed, that is to say officially received into the Church, you are not yet Catholic.  The priest was 100% correct to advise you that you may confess (if a priest would be willing to hear it), but wouldn’t receive absolution.

I believe there might possibly be “life and death” situations where there would be an exception, but again, that is not the rule.

May I ask when you expect to be received into the Church?  It sounds like you may be receiving RCIA instruction, or equivalent private instruction from this priest.

If you’re having trouble finding answers about Catholicism, this is always a good place to start:

     I'm in the process of instruction with a priest but we are only able to meet once a week. He hasn't given me any particular timetable but I am anxious to proceed. I've been attending mass regularly for a little over a year and am fairly well catechized I think. Most of my info has been from the Baltimore Catechism and this site as well as whatever personal questions for my priest.
     I spent a few months in an RCIA program at a NO parish but it was taught by a divorced female EM and some of the teachings were bizarre. "Fear of the Lord is mistranslation and an outdated way of thinking..." Etc. 
     So I found this SSPX parrish and have been one on one with the priest for a few months. I just want to Confess and to take the Eucharist. I don't want to rush anything inappropriately but I am worried about my soul and my family's souls.

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