Can converts receive the Sacrament of Confession?
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(04-13-2021, 12:24 PM)convert145 Wrote: I can't get a straight answer on this. I'm a convert attending an SSPX parrish and my priest says that I can go to confession if I want but that I can't receive absolution. Online there doesn't seem to be any real consensus about this. I read the thread yesterday about how many go to hell and I have had a very sinful life. I've been to confession before, about 3 months ago. 
     If I do go should I tell the priest that I am a convert but not yet Catholic?
Sounds like you're a catechuman, not a "convert".  Once you are officially received into the Church via baptism and/or confirmation, you will then be a "convert" and then you may confess and receive absolution.

And yes...if you go to confession before you're received into the Church, DO tell the priest that you are a catechuman, not yet Catholic.
I am baptized but not fully brought into the Church. I didn't know if the term "catechumen" was only for people in RCIA which I'm not doing anymore. Just one on one with a priest. It's just so uncomfortable to be told I can't receive absolution in confession because I understand the sacrament and desperately want it ASAP.

Unfortunately, that’s part of being obedient.  If, heaven forbid, you should die before your first confession, the Lord would know of your sincere desire for the sacrament.  It is nothing to despair about.
You're right, and I just went to Confession anyways, telling the priest that I was a baptized catechumen. I feel better, but I'm still anxious to become Catholic. If I had just stayed in the RCIA program I would already be confirmed. Pray for me and my family, please.

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