Can converts receive the Sacrament of Confession?
No, Confirmation is not what turns a baptised non-Catholic into a Catholic. It is the public profession of faith and abjuration of errors that makes you a become a Catholic. The normal order is confession, absolution from excommunication, absolution from sin, public profession of faith (this is usually the Creed of Pius IV with the SSPX, it was for me) and abjuration of heresy, and then you're a Catholic. Then you can (normally) receive your first Holy Communion and receive Confirmation, but you will be a Catholic before that happens.

The order is the same in the Novus Ordo but the public profession is much shortened and there is no explicit abjuration of heresy.

This is if your Baptism is judged valid. For determining the validity of your Baptism, trust the priest. If your Baptism was doubtful, an SSPX priest will usually give conditional Baptism. That's usually in private with two witnesses, and it's just the sacramental form, no other ceremonies.

For a Catholic who has not received solemn Baptism, it is possible to get the rites of solemn Baptism (that is, everything except the sacrament itself) supplied at a later occasion.

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