Can converts receive the Sacrament of Confession?
To the OP's original point :

Recall what the Sacrament of Penance is. It is a tribunal for baptized Catholics in which their sorrow for sins is perfected by the Sacrament so that they are absolved. It is a substitute for Perfect Contrition, a moral guarantee of absolution, and required by the Church before we normally return to receiving the other Sacraments if we have fallen into mortal sin.

An Act of Perfect Contrition will forgive sins, even mortal sins, if it is truly a Perfect Act, which means it is a hatred of all of our sins because of the offense to God (and not some lesser motive), and it includes the intention to confess and receive absolution as soon as reasonably possible.

You therefore have your answer as to what to do as one preparing to enter the Catholic Church. If you decide to confess your sins, but cannot be absolved, use it as the means to recall your sins and to ask for help in making a Perfect Act of Contrition.

If you do this, these are forgiven, though, when you enter the Church, you will need to confess any mortal sins, even if Perfect Contrition has forgiven them.

Pray to have this contrition, and make the act frequently, and you have the best guarantee that you will be truly sorry.
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