Can converts receive the Sacrament of Confession?
Feeling silly for asking this, and I may have totally missed something in this thread:

Do former Protestants (not lapsed Catholics) entering the church at a traditional parish (vs. NO) wait for their first confession until after being confirmed? Or do they confess without being given absolution?

Why I'm asking:
- I have yet to witness a baptized Protestant become Catholic at a traditional parish, just a former atheist receiving all his sacraments at once and a lot of babies.
- My husband is a catechist at a NO parish, and I believe that they instruct former Protestants entering the Church at the Easter Vigil to go confess prior to being confirmed, that they must remember all their mortal sins to the best of their ability, and that they CAN receive absolution before Confirmation. This usually occurs around the time of the scrutinies... which maybe has something to do with the ability to receive absolution? Was/is there a certain point in the journey to becoming Catholic that the Church would give them a Catholic funeral Mass and burial if they died or were, say, martyred before receiving the sacraments?

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