Eastern Saints and Eastern Catholics
SeekerofChrist Wrote:
Melkite Wrote:I don't know if this is always the case, but there are a lot of pre-schism saints recognized by Eastern Catholics that just aren't on the Roman calendar. If they're in the synaxarion, and they are pre-schism, then they're for sure recognized by the Catholic Church.

Any chance there's an English version of the synaxarion? It'd be interesting to examine, not merely to confirm the canonization of a particular saint but perhaps in its own right.

Oh, yeah, you can find them on Amazon. Each church will have it's own synaxarion that may vary a little bit. You might also find it called the menaion, with a volume for each month. The biggest differences you'll find are between Greek/Mediterranean churches and Russian/Slavic churches. If you look at the eparchial websites for the Melkites, Ruthenians or Ukrainians, you might be able to find a printed synaxarion for that particular church, or a basic one online that lists the feasts that that church celebrates on a given day. For "higher-level" feasts, they will probably be the same date in all the Byzantine churches. For lesser feasts, or saints that are of particular importance to a certain church, you might only find them in that church's synaxarion.
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