Eastern Saints and Eastern Catholics
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(04-14-2021, 11:16 AM)Augustinian Wrote: I've noticed that there's post-schism saints venerated by Eastern Catholics such as St. Gregory Palamas that aren't recognized by the West.

We ought to consider these to be questionable because their canonizations could not have been infallible

That said, any one prior to the schism should be acceptable to venerate. But only if the acceptance is by the consensus patrium. The Copts venerate Pontius Pilate as a saint. That one's iffy and the consensus patrium would not lend credence to that position.

It is interesting that you mention Coptic veneration of Pontius Pilate.  As I was looking into the subject of Eastern saints yesterday, I ran across several articles that mention his canonization among the Coptic and Ethiopian Orthodox.  I found it interesting.  If true (obviously, I can't say), it'd be one of the most powerful conversion stories in history.  I do hear that his wife, Claudia Procula, has wider veneration in the East.  I also learned that there are several apocryphal acts that detail the alleged conversion, though they date hundreds of years after their lifetimes.  Interesting subject.
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