Eastern Saints and Eastern Catholics
(04-14-2021, 06:37 PM)xsantiagox Wrote: can someone confirm of Tekle Haymanot is approved as a saint by catholic? he's an ethiopian saint, he stood upright in a cave for like a decade akin to symeon stylite.
wikipedia says he's venerated in catholic and orthodox churches,but id like a more learned opinion.
Similar to the Uniate Churches of the Rite of Constantinople, the Oriental Catholics have retained veneration. When it comes to Oriental Orthodox saints, one of the key things to take account of is whether they held to monophysite heresies in their theology. Aidan Nichols mentions this as a challenge to unification with Rome and the Orientals in Rome and the Eastern Churches.

For instance, Evagrius Ponticus, though his moral theology is greatly influential in the East, was condemned for monophysitism. He is venerated and canonized in the Oriental Orthodox churches but the Oriental Catholics do not venerate him as a saint as they acknowledge the Council that condemned him.

*I stand corrected, Evagrius was condemned not for Monophysitism but for Origenism.
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