Elvis recorded this?
On my way to Mass this morning I heard this song played on a Protestant gospel music station. To say I was stupefied would be an understatement. 

I later searched and found it on YouTube

I am still dumbfounded. 

Did any of you know about this?
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Nice find. Never heard it before and it was pleasantly shocking!
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(04-18-2021, 09:12 PM)WWIII Wrote: I am still dumbfounded. 

Did any of you know about this?
I've always been an Elvis fan (was at his very last concert), so I knew he recorded a song about the Rosary. I thought everyone knew, but then I'm a Hoosier.
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I visited Graceland in 2002.  At the gravesite of Elvis and his mother, there is a statue of Jesus with His Sacred Heart.
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How beautiful!
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That's very curious, unless I'm mistaken Elvis was with some kind of Pentacostal church.
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I toured Graceland. It was wonderful.
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