Is Tobacco Actually Addictive?
(04-22-2021, 03:13 PM)SeeTheLight Wrote: I'm one of those people that can have a cigar and not smoke one for 6 months and not bat an eye. I do agree that they can be very addictive though.

Interestingly enough nicotine does show promise regarding enhanced brain function and possible help in disease prevention with Parkinsons as an example. There are a few positive studies out on the subject.
I'm probably like SeeTheLight- I started to use tobacco in the mid 1970's when I  smoked "roll-your-own" loose tobacco (Duma halfzware shag).  Ten fags would contain less tobacco than a single store bought and a 25 g pouch would last two weeks to a month.  I never became addicted, but to this day, when I go on holidays, I will buy a pouch.

For me, now is pipes and cigars.   With an occasional bowl of tobacco a couple times per year, and a weekly cigar in the summer.  

Medically, I'm a "non-smoker" (that should stir a discussion.)
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