"For Discernment: Protestant Prophecies Of Darkness"
This is a very interesting article and one should be alert that the 'seers' in the article are not approved and maybe even not yet investigated by Mother Church.

None the less, I think they are worth listening to and with an ear of Catholic caution, because they appear they are professed Catholics.

Their videos are linked at the end of the article. At this moment, I have not seen them, but after this is posted, I plan on giving them a perusal. I may need by BS Protector as well...we shall see. The article's reviewer doesn't normally post these with out his oversight and the article sure does reflect that 'oversight'.


For Discernment: Protestant Prophecies Of Darkness

[Image: storm-3.jpeg?resize=620%2C264&ssl=1]

Every so often through the years we have given air to alleged prophetic utterances from Christians who are evangelical or non-denominational. For what they proclaim often lines up with reputed Catholic “prophets.”

One of them is Liberty Turnipseed in Arizona, who rose from occultism and a traumatic childhood to conversion through what she says was direct action of the Holy Spirit — a Saul-like moment, with no intervention from any particular person or church; with Jesus directly.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcROfwPSX4CzzQuADlEUa_V...8&usqp=CAU]
She is earnest about what she “sees” as coming events, especially to Florida (she has issued at least three YouTube warnings to that state).

She envisions that state suffering some sort of “great storm,” with a “revival” afterward. She sees God readying it for “great things.” But first she sees a very negative event (in one vision she supposedly was “shown” oranges blown apart) and speaks urgently about it (for our discernment). As for the nation as a whole, Liberty, like many alleged Catholic seers, is predicting a future “darkness.”

“A Damascus-road moment is upon us,” she claims, relating it to Saul’s blindness. “And now America and the Body of Christ have to sit in darkness for ‘three days.’

“I don’t know how long that’s going to be,” Liberty has told her following. “I don’t know how long the Lord is going to let that ‘three days’ last. He hasn’t shown me that, but he has told me other things, that February through May were going to be very important months, the transition of what God needs to do, the cleansing.

“And that in June the fight would be on. It is going to be a very hot summer. In places that wouldn’t normally be hot, it will be hotter than it ever has, and weather things will be happening. But,” she repeats, “the thing is, I don’t know how long the ‘three days’ are.”

The whole goal of this for the Body of Christ, she claims, “is to wake them up to harvest souls. We have to all be walking in the Faith of Jesus Christ.” Let us recall how in Acts 9: 7-9 Saul was struck by the light and heard the Voice of Christ. “The men traveling with Saul stood there speechless,” says Scripture. “They heard the sound but did not see anyone. Saul got up from the ground, but when he opened his eyes he could see nothing. So they led him by the hand into Damascus. For three days he was blind, and did not eat or drink anything.”

Liberty perceives that there will be “favor” upon those who have been faithful — who haven’t given up — including resources and sustenance in a time of great shortages. “But it doesn’t change that there will be darkness around,” she claims. “It’s going to look to the world like there is maybe famine, losses of necessities, but the Body of Christ is going to have what they need to do what they need to do. No devil will stop us.”

The discernment must include the fact that just before her deliverance and conversion, she was horribly oppressed by demons (her mother had had a bookshelf full of witchcraft), and heard a demonic voice during that oppression. She claims the message on darkness, on Easter weekend, emphasized “preparation” for this summer, when (see Ananais) the populace will be “blinded by Christ’s Light on a massive proportion” and then will come that “three days” during which Christ tends to His faithful — that “remnant” that has stayed strong and believing in Him, that has “stayed in the fight” despite the situations around them. “We’re the Ananias in this prophetic picture,” she says.

[Image: wanda-alger-1.jpg]
Then there’s Wanda Alger from Winchester, Virginia, who says the week of April 10 she was sent “several prophetic dreams and visions a number of messages from people not only from the United States but outside.

“They got my attention because they were all saying the same thing,” she too tells a YouTube following. “A coming darkness, a coming storm upon this nation. But the good thing about all these dreams and visions is that there is glory at the end. And that the Lord wants us to know that regardless of what comes, He is in it.”

One of her correspondents wrote from New Zealand: “I was standing in a paddock (a small field or enclosure for horses) in America, as I noticed an American red barn on the property. A huge black cloud was coming towards us. It started to hail and have lightning.  I said to those with me, we better head for shelter – A STORM IS COMING – a real bad-looking storm it was.”

In her own dreams, she maintains, “the Lord has been showing me the enemy’s hand, and how the enemy is really after the Church.”

In one “vision,” she said “there was no indication of how long this DARKNESS would last. However, I personally don’t believe it has to be long. It could even represent a blackout of some kind. I’ve wondered about this ever since December of 2019 when I had a dream where the Lord said there was about to be a ‘major reset’ of the ‘power grid.’”

What came out of the darkness, in the end, were two golden angels, bringing unity — “one nation under God.” Improbably enough, she sees the U.S. the country becoming a “single state.”
“Whatever storms or darkness may come, I believe they are being steered by the Hand of God Almighty,” she declares. “No schemes of the enemy can outmaneuver the will of God! They will serve His greater purposes and will bring all of mankind to the full revelation of His Kingdom. Get your umbrella.

“I believe the rains of Heaven are about to pour.”

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Will watch them when I get home. Interesting, and similar in my reaction (to the article) to the the fewness of the saved mentality of many many saints and dr's of the church, its a wake up call for all Catholics, a reminder to be prepared each day as if it was our last. Go to confession, get set spiritually, and thank God for each day more we have. Will we see the three days of darkness and or end times this summer? Who knows. In our lifetime? Definitely for each of us when we die. We will all have our own 'end time' if you will of death and judgment, possibility that some of us may see the crappy times right before the world goes through it and maybe even get to see the good times after. Either way, will all suffer death and judgement as we have our end, so be ready.

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St John of the Cross was asked to visit a woman who claimed to converse with the Holy Spirit. Listened to her with kindness. Thanked and blessed her. Gets outside, what do you think St John of the Cross? demente
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Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
Don't know what to think.I don't listen to  so called prophets, catholic or otherwise. And  they all seem to say estentially the same thing.That darkness is coming, and we should prepare for it.But has not Our Lady in her various appearances said much the same thing? Warned humanity to pray and do  that which pleases God and her Son Jesus, or we will get punished, just as God punished the egyptians for what they did to the isrealites? Remember  Moses warned pharoh that if he didn't set his people  free, that God would send 7 plagues to Egypt, which He did.
I trust Protestant prophets about as much as I would trust the Delphic Oracles.
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(04-29-2021, 09:55 AM)Melkite Wrote: I trust Protestant prophets about as much as I would trust the Delphic Oracles.

I couldn't have said it better myself! We have plenty of approved seers and predictions that are approved by Holy Mother Church to ponder, without listening to and watching protty 'seers'.
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