Latin Dictionary.
I can most easily search around the internet for a Latin dictionary but I'd like to ask you what exact dictionary do you prefer. That's why I went here to ask, I just don't trust any Latin dictionary out there. You may know better. There are some books in Latin that I'd like to read so I'd like to find a dictionary where I can easily write down the word and I'd immediately get the definition. Other than that, any good Latin dictionary will do.

EDIT: Hmm, in case you are still worried I'll tell you I eventually found one that suited me fine. I'll see what I can do with the other dictionaries. It looks like I'll have to struggle a bit but I'll get there!
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Best searchable version here.
Dissolve frigus ligna super foco
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Collins Gem, mini, fits in your front pocket
do a tour of Spain with my older brother in my youth
reading tombs and inscriptions in Spanish churches
brother says
I didn't know you knew so much Latin
good toilet reading
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(04-23-2021, 10:12 PM)Jerry Towns Wrote: brother says
I didn't know you knew so much Latin

Reminds me of a story. Years ago, I had a good friend who was a truck driver for a steel company. One day when his wife was out of town, I invited him over for dinner. We were both Episcopalians at the time, but I was extremely Anglo-Catholic. I had a Latin edition of the Raccolta on my bookshelf. He picked it up and started sight translating and reading it out loud. 

Turns out, he'd been a dissertation away from a doctorate in linguistics when he burnt out on academia! Little did I know. Never judge a book by its cover!
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