Italian newspaper today " Ratzinger’s unequivocal text: “I have not abdicated”.
(05-05-2021, 08:50 PM)Clare Brigid Wrote: "Kneeling to the Jews"?  What do you mean?
Because I cannot quote Sede sources outside of the specific forum, all I will do is link this article which talks about it.

Pretty much, the Good Friday Mass originally had a section which was specifically for the repentance of the Jews. This section was changed over and over again, adding a genuflection, removing “un-inter-religious” langauge, and then Ratzinger comes along and changes the section into some strange, bizarre prayer which is totally different from the original because of “Catholic-Jewish relations”. 

This same thing was tried before in the reign of Pius XI and during the time of Cardinal Merry del Val and was rejected completely. 

The article discusses it very well and also, since I know you are of the SSPX position, quotes from the SSPX on this same matter a lot so it isn’t too biased in any way. The SSPX responded very negatively to what Ratzinger did as well, and the article just lays out the history of the specific section I am speaking about, and why the changes Ratzinger made are contrary to the Faith.
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