What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?
Live octopus followed up with deep fried chicken anuses. Alcohol can be a bad thing sometimes.
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Margarine from the tub with a spoon.
(05-05-2021, 04:10 PM)Little Fish Wrote: Margarine from the tub with a spoon.
The thought of this almost makes me sick to my stomach.
The most disgusting thing I’ve eaten in recent memory was one seriously disgusting concoction of rolled oats, egg whites (w/ maybe one egg yolk or so), w/ natural PB, and I think blueberries, all microwaved together.  

Mind you I used to make something similar years ago when I was exercising rigorously. The time I made it recently it was barely edible. 

Apart from that: I find candy pretty disgusting. Gummy bears, sour candy, etc., absolutely disgusting.
Does it have to be a food item? One of my adorable children spit up in my mouth when I was holding them and singing to them. 

I have also accidentally shoved a mouthful of moldy food into my mouth while in a pregnant, hungry, middle-of-the-night stupor.

Otherwise I don't find many foods disgusting.

Edited to add... I work at a hospital, and while the type of food itself isn't bad, hospital food is pretty terrible. Free hospital coffee is abominable, but does its job.
When I lived in Northern China, I visited someone who was cooking some insanely delicious smelling food in a clay pot.  He proffered a piece on the end of his chopsticks and said, "Taste and tell me what kind of meat this is."  I should have realized something was up.  After I'd ingested the savory morsel, he told me, "狗肉,“ "gou rou" - dogmeat.  It was too late to spit it out, but I did feel awfully queasy for a while.  I also ate horse flesh in the Italian countryside, but I knew what I was getting into.  Very gamey, but plenty of good grappa washed it down and away.
Salsa with grubs and popsicles with moths & butterflies
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(05-05-2021, 07:20 PM)Catherine Wrote: Does it have to be a food item? One of my adorable children spit up in my mouth when I was holding them and singing to them.
My dear son, when he eats something delicious (such as a piece of bread), likes to take a part of it out of his mouth to give to his mom.
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(05-05-2021, 02:17 AM)jovan66102 Wrote: Probably an apple! Let me explain. When I was a boy, Dad and I were outside working. I was eating an apple and, as far as I was concerned, I was finished with it. I threw it away and it landed in a fairly dry cow pie (if you don't understand that, you didn't grow up in a rural area! LOL!). Dad said I was wasting food and made me finish it. Now, that would be child abuse. Then, it was instilling the virtue of thrift and 'building character'.

This reminded me of mine lol. Most disgusting food was a marshmallow. When I was younger would go camping alot, S'mores where always the biggest hit. Well, I (like all civilized people) dont like my marshmallows burned to a crisp. One of the camping trips, mine ignited too much and so I scraped it into the fire (landed on one of the top logs). My dad had me pull it (really scrape it in as fast of time as I could, to get its charred solid mass out) and still eat it for the same lessons.
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