Heart-attack on a bun
I remember when restaurants like Ditka's used to serve a 48oz steak with a side of pork chops.
But it's the American consumerist mentality we're taught since birth.  My kids see some nutty thing like electric scissors and it's not "We want that" it's "We need that".
We think bigger is better and we're told we need everything.  I have this fear that someday the country will wake up and stop buying crap.  Then our economy will collapse becuase our economy is based on people buying stuff they don't need (and probably don't even want in reality).
My personal affliction is gadgets and tools.  I have tools that are so specialized I'd be lucky if I use them more than once in my life.  I look at the tool and I think, "Gee, that's useful" and it ends up on my workroom shelf with all the other "useful" tools.
Burger king burgers taste bad IMO anyways.
Wonder if I could tackle this one............... [Image: pig.gif]
[Image: booker20eating20big20burger.jpg]
JLeigh Wrote:Wonder if I could tackle this one............... [Image: pig.gif]

Even I would call uncle on that one.  But I'd sure give it the college try!  It looks tasty.

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