Did Pilate Think The Crowd Would Choose To Release Jesus Instead Of Barrabas ?
(05-19-2021, 02:27 PM)Eric F Wrote: I've always wondered about this, Was there any reason for Pilate to even suspect the Jews might choose Jesus over Barrabas. By his actions he would have been a pretty popular guy.
Pilate was looking for a way to set Jesus free. He gave the people the choice of Jesus or a person who was really awful.
I clicked on this because I thought it said, "Did Pilate think the crow"...."hehe, what crow?" thinks I!
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Paul Wrote:The same masses of people who, 5 days earlier, welcomed him into Jerusalem with palm branches.

And I think choosing Barabbas over some other lesser criminal shows that Pilate did think they'd choose Jesus. If he wanted them to choose the other guy, he could have picked someone guilty of some minor crime rather than murder and robbery.

That's part of my thoughts on it as well; it depended upon which masses of Jews were present. The ones who were healed and welcomed Him, or the masses who were most likely influenced by the Pharisees and sadducees? That's one of the things I love about "The Passion," I thought Mel did a great job showing the two groups.
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