Where to find Trad. SD.
I am having issues trying to find a Traditional spiritual director. I have no problem finding an novus ordo director.

Since we have 1 TLM parish it's not easy.
Do you think it's arrogant to ask Father if he will bey director?
It is never arrogant to ask for help, it is a sign of humility and an act of recognition of our need for exterior aid. If your priest says that he is not able to be your Spiritual Director, understand that this does not mean he can never help you with individual matters. Yes, your relationship may not be as personal as it would be were he your Spiritual Director, but the guidance of a devout traditional priest is still very helpful every now and then for individual matters. Do not accuse yourself of arrogance, there is none to be found :)
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Thank you so much. You are so kind
I will ask Father for an appointment. And even if he has a full schedule, I will ask for recommendations.
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