Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee dead after hanging himself in prison

Quote:Antivirus software tycoon John McAfee apparently hanged himself in a Spanish jail cell on Wednesday — just hours after a court ruled he would be extradited to face federal charges in the US.

Authorities said a preliminary investigation determined there were no signs of foul play, the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported.

The 75-year-old eccentric tech entrepreneur was arrested in October and was awaiting extradition in the Barcelona jail when he was found dead by hanging, police sources told El Pais.

The newspaper reported McAfee was pulled from his cell in Barcelona and police are investigating the circumstances around his death.

“Everything points to suicide,” the newspaper reported, citing justice department officials in the country. A second Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, also reported McAfee had died by an apparent suicide in the jail.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Spanish High Court had agreed to extradite McAfee, who had been charged with a number of federal financial crimes in two districts in the United States.

McAfee was hit with a 10-count indictment in the Western District of Tennessee in October for allegedly evading taxes on millions of dollars in income.

He was arrested by authorities in Spain after the indictment was handed down and had been in custody in the country since.

In the Tennessee case, prosecutors alleged McAfee racked up millions of dollars in income through speaking engagements, selling his personal story for a documentary and doing consulting work.

He then skipped paying taxes on all of the income from 2014 to 2018, according to the feds.

He was also charged in a separate indictment in Manhattan federal court in March for a pump-and-dump scheme involving cryptocurrencies that he was touting on social media.

In that case, McAfee and an accomplice allegedly bilked bitcoin investors out of some $13 million in two schemes, including one where they bought up large quantities of “alt-coin,” then inflated the price of it by publicizing it on Twitter.

They then sold off the cryptocurrency at the inflated price and made a $2 million profit, prosecutors said.

McAfee had claimed at an extradition hearing earlier this month that the federal tax evasion charges against him were politically motivated, Reuters reported.

A quick perusal of his twitter account shows that he has said a few times in the past year or two that if he commits suicide, he didn't commit suicide.
In the afterlife, Epstein said "ah, they got you too"
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(06-23-2021, 06:47 PM)BobCatholic Wrote: In the afterlife, Epstein said "ah, they got you too"

Yeah I'm not buying it either. McAfee knew too much and the GAE regime knows that it has no ability to discredit whistleblowers like it did before so now they just silence them Epstein-style.

In an age where prisoners do not have belts or utensils to avoid harming themselves or others...a certain select high-profile prisoners always manage to use bedsheets to "hang" themselves.

Brought to you by the same regime that assured everyone there were WMDs in Iraq.
$whackd - Rest in Peace McAfee
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
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Ctrl-Alt.....DELETE (to soon?)

Quote:Born in 1945, the term “colorful” doesn’t begin to describe the life of McAfee. His entree into the nascent computer industry began with a degree in mathematics, followed by choice assignments at places like Xerox PARC, NASA, Univac, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Lockheed. He built up an impressive resume of programming skills until serendipity struck, in the form of one of the earliest computer viruses: the Brain virus. First found in the mid-1980s, Brain infected the boot sector of floppy disks and was originally intended as a somewhat heavy-handed form of copy protection by its authors. The virus rubbed McAfee the wrong way, and he threw himself into writing software to protect PCs from such infections. These were the roots of McAfee Associates, which opened its doors in 1987.

Quote:Part of me wonders (or hopes) that this is all ruses to escape from prison.
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
What do Jeffrey Epstein, John McAfee, and Christmas lights have in common?

None hang themselves.
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May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.
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