Does Anyone Have and ESV-CE?
First post here (although lurker for quite a time).
Yes, you are essentially correct about the ESV-CE.
It was originally published by Crossway Publishers, a Protestant publishing concern.
Picked up by the Indian Bishops council and approved -- even for Liturgical use! -- over there.
We'll see how popular it gets in the U.S.
Currently published for U.S. Market by the Augustine Institute

More info:

It is now my standard go-to Bible for personal study.

Current editions (to my knowledge) include no commentary/study notes, although according to the above article a study edition is in the works.

It is a complete Catholic edition with the full Canon of Scripture with OT books in their proper place (instead of a separate section between the Testaments or at the end of the New Testament).

I can provide this bit of background (as I am a Convert from Evangelical Prot.):
  1. For many years there was a group of Evang. Prot. who were attached to the RSV but who never liked the NRSV or typical popular Evang. Prot. versions (NASB, NIV, KJV, NKJV, NLT and multitudes of others). 
  2. Some years ago (with Crossway sponsorship) the ESV was published - was widely accepted especially in Reformed (Calvinist) and other groups.
  3. ESV-CE is an adaptation of this and has full Church approval in India.
  4. I believe Anglicans coming into the Church have an approved Lectionary in the ESV (and Crossway published an edition with the Deuterocanonicals but it is now out-of-print).
  5. May be a good contender for a truly Ecumenical version in the opinion of some - time will tell.

Hope some of this helps!

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