What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
(07-19-2021, 09:56 PM)LionHippo Wrote: How about, Catholics who have proven that they don't need to attend Latin Mass to be prayerful, charitable, accept all of the Church's teachings, go to Mass Sundays and Holy Days, embrace the sacraments, can get by just fine without badmouthing the bishops and Holy Father, haven't heard or don't pay attention to Vigano, Taylor Marshall, or other trad celebrities, and are overall more common than many Traditionalists give credit for?

Many parishes I've attended have a reasonable daily Mass attendance; the particularly strong ones have prayer meetings of various sorts after the day's Mass that usually draw a sizeable crowd. These attendants, often lament the state of the Church and the wishy-washiness that has overcome many faithful and Clergy. At the same time, they are joyfully resolute in their faith, and have a brilliant trust in God's plan. They are no single demographic - but the one consistent point is they desire God, desire Heaven, and desire an increase in faith.

If Trads think they have the market cornered on long confession lines, receiving Communion kneeling, and on the tongue... Well, think again. The diocesan youth group I used to attend had plenty of both going on, and these youth, in spite of wildly varying upbringings, took the time to learn their faith, practice it well, and wanted to share the Good News with everyone else. I couldn't tell you whether these actions meshed with a proper interior faith too, but it certainly seemed like it. 
Anecdotally, none that I conversed with had done anything more than briefly experiment with the TLM.
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