What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
I have never liked the label traditionalist, perhaps analogously the same reason the postmodernists disliked being called such. It always is an oversimplification of the reality. As a sociological label, it is a useful shorthand, but when discussing the nitty gritty, it must be immediately dispensed with as an all too blunt instrument. The same applies to labels such as conservative or neocon Catholics.

The reason being that reality is always more complex than the names. Tradition—which tradition? Where? When? An example: immigrant parishes in America in the late 19th/early20th c—what head coverings did women wear? It depended on your social class, your ethnicity, etc. not everyone wore mantilla veils, which is really an innovation. The old Italian women in my (Novus Ordo) parish growing up always wore flamboyant hats. They were not conservatives, but when they were children, they saw that hats were worn by the middle and upper class. That desire to go up the socio-economic ladder, to live the American dream, to be fashionable, to fit in, these never left them even though they knew they didn’t need to cover their heads at Mass anymore. It was for sociological, not theological, reasons.

So when we say trad or neocon, we’re by definition using a broad brush stroke to describe a certain range of factors exhibited in this or that class. Useful for sociological purposes, not useful for thoughtful or human conversation. On the flip side, it does no good to pretend there are no useful definitions for these terms and redefine them along completely unobjectionable lines merely to combat the harsh tendencies of some overly zealous (let us say) folk. This already concedes ground in fact. I think it’s because in this polarized atmosphere, we are quickly forgetting how to have reasonable conversation, so we’re always self-consciously overcompensating for the exaggerated tendencies in our ideological opponents. We shouldn’t have to do that. It is the ideologues who must learn to temper themselves before they start talking with the adults.
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