What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
To be fair, there are 3 parishes in the metro area I attend that I would consider both devout and definitely orthodox and would never second guess the Catholicity of the parishioners. 2 of those 3 had a diocesan TLM. I know for a fact that devout, prayerful Conservative Catholics exist. But when 70+% of Catholics don't believe the Faith, they obviously aren't THAT numerous.

Although I am a Traditional Catholic, in my mind, I think the best litmus test for a devout Catholic is due they strive for a robust prayer life, particularly mental prayer. If not... Well St Alphonsus sure doesn't have much hope for such a Catholic.

Unrelated, its funny that trads aren't allowed to blame the NO as a factor in the apostasy of the West but the libs and cons get to say its ALL thanks to the NO Catholicism is growing in Africa.
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