What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
(07-22-2021, 11:06 AM)SeekerofChrist Wrote:
(07-22-2021, 10:58 AM)Bryan Wrote:
(07-19-2021, 08:36 PM)SeekerofChrist Wrote: I would probably define it as something like this: a Catholic who accepts Vatican II and the resulting "Novus Ordo" and who does not believe they were a rupture with past teaching.

That sounds like a normal, mainstream, liberal/progressive Catholic, not a conservative one.

A conservative seeks to conserve, so someone who thinks Vatican II is in continuity with past teaching believes it conserves the Church's teaching.

I think you're being too literal, too narrow in your use of "conservative." Words have denotations and connotations. You're using the dictionary definition, the denotation. 

The connotation of "conservative" is someone who is right-wing. I think the OP is asking about the right-wing of the Catholic mainstream. 

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