What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
Since folks are discussing the Catholic Church in Africa, it's one of the places where the future of the Church looks very good. Conversions, Vocations, holiness, orthodoxy (think of Cardinal +Sarah, Cardinal +Arinze etc) and a growing Church. Tradition has a good presence too, but the mainstream Church is strong as well.

From: https://www.newsweek.com/jesus-has-found...ica-399114

"Pope Francis has just concluded his first papal visit to Africa. If he wanted a popularity boost, he went to the right place: the Catholic Church is flourishing in Africa.

Each of the countries that the pope visited— Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic (CAR)—has a substantial Catholic population. According to a 2011 report on global Christianity by the Pew Research Center, Kenya has 9 million Catholics, Uganda 14 million and the CAR 1.3 million—equivalent to 22 percent, 42 percent and 29 percent of the population, respectively. And these are not isolated phenomena, cherry-picked to ensure a smooth visit for Francis: the report estimates that around one-in-five of sub-Saharan Africans belonged to the Roman Catholic Church in 2010.

There has also been an explosive growth in the number of Catholics in Africa over the past 35 years. The world's Catholic population has grown by 57 percent since 1980, according to a June report by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University. But this growth is not uniform: Africa's Catholic population has shot up by 238 percent in that period, compared to just a 6 percent increase in the European Catholic population. The difference is largely due to variations in fertility rates, according to the report.

Archbishop John Baptist Odama, the head of Uganda's conference of Catholic bishops, met the pope when Francis greeted the bishops of Uganda in Kampala on Saturday. Odama believes that the success of the Church in Africa is down to the tangible impact it has on people's lives in spheres such as healthcare and education. "The church has been a mother [to the African people] … It has been with the people in all their initial stages of life and in their critical conditions," says Odama.

Father Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, former leader of the Eastern Africa province of the Jesuit order to which Francis belongs, agrees that the practical work done by the Church has driven its growth. "More than any other religious community or faith, Catholicism has been the largest non-state provider of healthcare and education in Africa," says Orobator, currently on sabbatical at Marquette University in Wisconsin ...

Africa looks set to remain the Catholic Church's beacon of hope for the foreseeable future. The CARA report predicts that by 2040, almost one in four Africans will be Catholic, putting the continent's total Catholic population at 460 million."
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