What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
I got my answer at another forum (no) and I think they are very misled. It seems to some No people that any worship style goes. I may has well turned protestant by Thier examples

Young people do not want happy clappy masses that mean nothing. They want and need the structure of a well defined church. Structure and assurance, piety and the Holy Spirits wisdom.
I came back to the Catholic faith after my rebellious stage. Low to my surprise, communion in hand, priest facing the congregation and no veiling for women.

I talked to my priest in open confession and he laid hands on me. I asked what happened..he said we have to stay with the times. I told him of my experiences as a little girl and how comforting and consoling mass was then I told him of all the Saint feast days made special.

By his answer, It firmly rooted me to a simpler more Holy time. The Church and God is never changing. So I did. And found a Traditional parish. I still had to go to school parish for my kids but also brought them to Traditional mass on Sunday.

I asked the principal why they call first Friday mass, school mass. They said because everyone does not believe in that devotion...glad they are out of there

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