What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
I define Conservative NO Catholic as Catholics who are not...as liberal... as many "liberal Catholics", may or may not have either not an ambivalent or negative view of the current pontiff, but are more...how do I put I put it...'normie' than traditionalists, and may or may have full faith in V2's teachings. Reddit's is chock full of both kinds, and I am not kidding, I made a dozen Reddit accounts on R/Catholicism and deleted them as many times, because they really drive me up the wrong way. For one, many of them accepted WITHOUT much doubt, with shutting down the Church. I was told I was uncharitable for not getting the jab, and was accused as not caring after showing my concern for the church closures, and the priests there (YES they have priests as mods) would not here about the SSPX, and when you question whether there was a pandemic or not, you get downvoted or outright banned. It is a good thing that whole site is burning down as we speak. I freaking HATE Reddit and social media in general. They almost made me consider leaving giving up and the faith and being baptized, because I felt the Church did not care. Thank God I stuck it out. You guys are the most genuine people, I have met online. I have met a lot of phony people online, but you are guy are more human than I have ever met. I know that I have been filling your boards with my whining and complaining...but it really is nice talking to you guys. And Austen the reason I lashed at on on you hoping the Chinese liberating us for globohomo...THAT is...EXACTLY what they want you to think...They love globohomo as a tool to subvert and weaken opposing nations culturally, so that that a superior culture (them) Hearing Gommunists as "liberators" makes me want to have a litter of kittens as they say.
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