What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
(07-20-2021, 03:34 AM)VoxClamantis Wrote: Traditional Catholic:

From https://www.fisheaters.com/traditionalca...sm101.html

Quote:...[W]hat all traditional Catholics who fit the label have in common -- whether they are sedevacantist, whether they worship inside or outside of diocesan structures -- are:
  • the dogmas of the Faith understood in a manner consistent with the way Catholics had always understood them -- i.e., they reject the errors outlined above -- and an upholding of traditional Catholic moral theology

  • a desire to preserve and restore all of the ancient sacramental rites, and to do so not because these are "preferred," but because they are objectively superior to the new rites and should once again become normative

  • a deep understanding of or intuition about the importance of preserving not only instrinsic tradition (the unwritten Deposit of the Faith handed down by Christ and His Apostles), but also the ecclesiastical tradition (extrinsic tradition) which has served to preserve intrinsic tradition and allows parents and priests to pass it down in an effective way

  • a strong sensus Catholicus (Catholic "sense" or "instinct"), including a cautious, Catholic approach to novelty

A conservative Catholic is baptized, doesn't fit the description above, but has no intention to not submit to rightful teaching. They're usually not consciously Modernist or otherwise consciously heretical, but they embrace errors, usually because they tend to exaggerate the papacy (as do many sedevacantists), which leads to their accepting whatever novelty comes down the pike if it comes from a rightful authority. If a Pope says X, even while not exercising infallibility, they embrace X, even if Not X has been Church teaching for 2,000 years. They might call themselves "traditional" because they believe those attitudes are traditional (they're not). Some tend to have good hearts, but weak minds. Some might be Saints in the making because of their intentions,  willingness to submit to Truth, and desire to please God. But holy or not, their sacramental rites are inferior (not in terms of validity, but in terms of catechetical qualities, beauty, tradition, theological depth, ability to épater les Protestants - ha, etc.), and they're often wrong about the errors outlined in the Traditional Catholicism 101 page linked to above.

(Some might wonder if some trads have good minds but weak hearts. Yes, some do. That's what the Toxic Traddism and Conversion of the Heart pages are about. The goal of FE is to avoid both idiocy and assholery while preserving authentic Catholic teaching and practice that our great-grandparents would recognize.)

Can you give an example of an error a conservative Catholic would hold?

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