What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
I know it’s normal for humanity to identify and categorize, and label…and make things more complicated. Where do Catholics get these complicated naming conventions? I realize it’s one thing to categorize between “lapsed” (not practicing) vs “faithful” (practicing, or trying to at least); those that follow the dogmas of the Church vs. those that don’t believe them.

But modernists, neo-modernists, traditionalists, liberals, conservatives, neo-conservatives, neo-Catholics, neo-liberals, Vatican II Catholics…I’ve seen all these labels applied to the various cliques in Catholicism of which I don’t identify with. Is this sectarianism a result of Catholic “communities” on the internet? To me there are those that just believe and “follow” the Church (or try hard to) and then there are those that don’t.” I suppose we could debate or argue until the moon turns blue about what this means specifically,
Which is why I guess all these Catholics exist on the internet anyway.
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