What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
(07-23-2021, 11:47 AM)Majestie Wrote: I know it’s normal for humanity to identify and categorize, and label…and make things more complicated. Where do Catholics get these complicated naming conventions? I realize it’s one thing to categorize between “lapsed” (not practicing) vs “faithful” (practicing, or trying to at least); those that follow the dogmas of the Church vs. those that don’t believe them.

But modernists, neo-modernists, traditionalists, liberals, conservatives, neo-conservatives, neo-Catholics, neo-liberals, Vatican II Catholics…I’ve seen all these labels applied to the various cliques in Catholicism of which I don’t identify with. Is this sectarianism a result of Catholic “communities” on the internet? To me there are those that just believe and “follow” the Church (or try hard to) and then there are those that don’t.” I suppose we could debate or argue until the moon turns blue about what this means specifically,
Which is why I guess all these Catholics exist on the internet anyway.

A traditional Catholic believes and practices what Catholics have always believed and practiced.

All of those other groups say, "Nah, I'm much smarter than all of those stupid popes and saints who attempted to faithfully pass tradition on to me," and then they diverge, in one way or another, from what Catholics have always believed and practiced.
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