What are conservative Novus Ordo Catholics?
One thing I think that should be asked, hinted at in some of the responses, why does it matter/why even differentiate trad vs conservative?

This moto proprio really highlighted the fact that these divisions in peoples minds are doing nothing but hurting the church. An us vs them mentality when it comes to fellow catholics. What should be the only real question is, is someone catholic or not? Who really cares if they go to the NO, or TLM, that alone is not going to dictate if you get to heaven or not. God is not going to have a line for TLM goers, and another for NO. Its going to matter are you Catholic, did you faithfully love and serve God your whole life.

We can debate different aspects, such as V2 is amazing vs V2 needs to go, the merits of the TLM vs another, etc. At the end of the day though, it really is secondary to the designation that actually matters, catholic or not.

The splitting into groups of trads on one side, libs on another (heretics really, for if you openly reject dogma you are openly rejecting the faith, thus outside the faith) and conservatives sandwiched in the middle.

I honestly think it would be better overall to just go back to the labels of catholic and non catholic. Every catholic is a trad, for we hold to Tradition. Every catholic is a conservative, for we hold to conserving that tradition. This splitting into tiny factions is causing damage to the church as a whole.

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