"BREAKING NEWS: 111,768 Vax "Breakthrough" Cases - CDC Stopped Counting in May!"
I think I reported that the 'jabbed' folks are incubating and becoming mass spreaders of COVID. Now it appears that, go figure, the CDC is squelching the story of this fact.

Here's the Article:

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BREAKING NEWS: 111,768 Vax "Breakthrough" Cases - CDC Stopped Counting in May!

The intentional FRAUD being perpetrated by the Quacks at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) seems never-ending.

It has just come out that the CDC stopped counting COVID Vaccine "Breakthrough" Cases in May!

For weeks they've been telling everyone that the USA is now in a "pandemic of the unvaccinated"  . . . because they STOPPED counting those who ARE vaccinated, but got sick anyway.

Lie after lie, after intentional lie.  Now, they resort to lies of omission.  By not tracking breakthrough cases, they omit that it is the VACCINATED who are the ones getting sick.  It is the VACCINATED that created the "Delta" variant, and it is the VACCINATED that are spreading that variant and making people sick.

According to data Bloomberg Business News collected from 35 states, 111,748 vaccine breakthrough cases have been identified in the US through the end of July.

This is 10 TIMES the CDC’s count when they stopped tracking breakthrough cases in May.

The CDC stopped tracking these cases as the Delta variant began to spread.

Bloomberg reported:
Quote:While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped comprehensively tracking what are known as vaccine breakthrough cases in May, the consequences of that choice are only now beginning to show.

At the time, the agency had identified only 10,262 cases across the U.S. where a fully vaccinated person had tested positive for Covid. Most people who got infected after vaccination showed few symptoms, and appeared to be at low risk of infecting others.

But in the months since, the number of vaccine breakthrough cases has grown, as has the risk that they present. And while the CDC has stopped tracking such cases, many states have not. Bloomberg gathered data from 35 states and identified 111,748 vaccine breakthrough cases through the end of July, more than 10 times the CDC’s end-of-April tally.

In a statement, the CDC said it continued to follow trends in breakthrough cases using studies it has set up.

“CDC is actively tracking breakthrough cases as part of what are called cohort studies, which often involve tens of thousands of people across the country,” agency spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund said in an email. “We will continue to publish additional results from these cohort studies as they are available.”

The CDC is now recommending masks for everyone regardless of vaccination status.
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I think that this rather places the final nail in the coffin of whether or not the CDC have become, as an organization, duplicitous gits.
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Has anyone claim that the vaccines were 100% effective? No, indeed it is said very clearly that the vaccine is likely only in the 85-90% range of effectiveness. 165 million Americans fully vaccinated. Do your own math. Florida has 21,000 cases in a day - overwhelming vastness are unvaccinated. But it's the vaccinated that are the problem. lol ok.

What stupidity to claim that Delta was created by vaccinated people. Delta came from India in Dec 2020. There were no fully vaccinated people in India in Dec 2020. The Delta is being overwhelmingly transmitted by the unvaccinated. As the US covid cases are about to explode in fourth wave, I would strongly suggest that you get vaccinated.
And about Mass outbreak among vaccinated; I think the details of story may be enlightening. This event that is talked about where spread occurred was a huge gathering of homosexual men in a small town - over 100,000 in a 2 week period. As most homosexuals do not vote Republican and do not listen to right wing radio or social media, they were not under fake delusions re vaccination. So vast majority of these people were vaccinated. Indeed 95% of the town is vaxxed. So infection of 800 people amongst so many "close contacts" in such small geographical area would actually seem to indicate that breakthrough cases are well below the anticipated.
Happy Boy, I believe the point was that the CDC ceasing tracking the so-called "breakthrough cases" was significant. Not knowing the mind of the author, but surmising from text, the shift of causality to those who aren't vaccinated (for the current numbers of 'cases' is curious, and doubtful as regards accuracy. Many are either unaware or perhaps misunderstand the intended purpose of the various C19 vaccines. The stated goals centered around minimizing symptoms of those suffering from an infection caused by the virus, and minimizing the severity of symptoms for those hospitalized with a C19 infection. The goals did not include either reduction of infectability or immunity. This is just one company's report: https://www.modernatx.com/covid19vaccine...trial-data.

It's understandable that people would miss that, too. Many of the vaccines people receive these days do have those two latter items in their proverbial game plan. So, when the CDC ceased tracking those 'cases,' people ask why they've chosen to do so. In the same light of the cessation, last year, of any tracking of influenza. This is the flu tracking page: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/fluactivitysurv.htm.

I'm not here to pick a fight. But we are in a situation where it's perfectly appropriate for questioning the word of our powers-that-be. That is also completely appropriate in a republic such as ours.
Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most precious blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said Throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory. Amen.
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And maybe given the effort involved in tracking such people, they chose not to do it. I do not think this was purposeful duplicitiousness. But if 100,000 vaxxed people in 3 months got Covid, vs 3 million non-vaxxed, and each population is roughly equal, then I'm not sure the point of this article. If simply to say CDC bad, ok sure. If point is that vaxxed are the ones spreading Covid, which is obviously the slant, then this is stupid.
They probably stopped tracking because the numbers vs. unvaccinated are not too different.

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