Irrational Fear?
But remember Thier Guardian Angel is watching them. Do you have a picture of that?

Teach them well without anxiety.  Never get into a car,
even if the owner says thete is a puppy or what not. strangers who are too friendly just run and scream. There should always be 3 people 1 adult and 2 kids and more. Never leave your kids with anyone.

I believe your children are young. This will come later. With proper lessons they will be fine.

As for you see your doctor if anxiety is too much.

I took the Virtus course 2x as I'm a volunteer librarian.
I deal with kindergarten and pre k at the Catholic school..You may want to sign up for Virtus.Most abuse/kidnapping cases come from people your child knows. You can visit virtus online. It may be two u's I'm not sure of the spelling .

I am a parent too and understand your concern.
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First, many congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby!!! 

I don’t think you’re being irrational, I think it’s normal to have heightened concerns after giving birth and whenever there’s a new member of the family — there’s more vulnerability & more to lose now, etc. 

It might be good to be aware that postpartum anxiety can happen, so if you’re breaking out in cold sweats, your thoughts are racing, you can’t stop fidgeting, you’re feeling frantic a lot of the time, let your doc/midwife and your family know. If so, it’s most likely temporary. Personally, I’m mostly against taking drugs for things like this (medical personnel frequently suggest/offer) but just keeping people informed is important, so they can know to give you more support until you’re feeling like yourself again. Exhaustion definitely aggravates it, and the anxiety can swamp you before you realize what’s happening, what with taking care of babies around the clock. 

PS I’m not saying it seems from your post like you have this, it’s just a thought.
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You're gonna be fine. And congrats, btw!!! Two little boys! That's great news.

Going from one to two kiddos is a big shift. My mom had her first three boys one right after the other, 1 and 2 were one year apart, 2 and 3 were not even a year apart. Yeah, it was the old rhythm method she was using....She used to have to keep them on leashes when they went out, lol. 

Just take it slow, keep calm. Drink Camomile tea or whatever else you can do to help keep you relaxed. Be kind to yourself.

If possible, consider doing as much online shopping as you can so you don't have the hassle of going out right now. 

Do you guys have Peapod or the like? A grocery delivery service usually doesn't charge too much extra and can almost pay for itself if you figure in gas you won't be using and subtract impulse spending. I used that service a lot when the kids were little.
Oh my Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.--Fr Dolindo Ruotolo

Persevere..Eucharist, Holy Rosary, Brown Scapular, Confession. You will win.
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