JPII was an universalist: slander,or truth?
(08-13-2021, 06:53 PM)jovan66102 Wrote:
(08-13-2021, 06:46 PM)Louis IX Wrote: The problem - in my opinion - doesn't just lie with catechesis, it lies with Francis declaring that God wills a diversity of religions, or worshipping the Pachamama idol. Many Catholics tend to follow the Pope even when the Pope is clearly in error. If the Pope denies that extra Ecclesiam nulli salus in all but name, then many well-intentioned conservative Catholics who make sure they're in agreement with the Pope in everything, even when they aren't required to be, will be led into the universalist heresy along with him.

As much as I don't want to be seen as defending Francis, it goes much further back than his Pontificate. Besides the collapse in catechesis, you had the Assisi abominations under JP II, his allowing pagans to 'anoint' him', his asking the Baptist to protect the gutter religion of the paedophile, and kissing its satanic 'holy book'.

Given the bad catechesis and the worse example of the Pope, how could many people not become convinced that all religions lead to God?
Definitely. The root of all this is Dignitas humanae and Nostra aetate. Francis is just the latest manifestation of that and because many people tend to follow the Pope's example even when they don't have to, many people will be led into error by him - as they were by JPII.
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An update: It seems (accoding to -some- sources)that JPII taught hell and its condition of being eternal,but he said its some loose state of being with no torture of fire.
is this acceptable? Surely ,he studied for decades, so part of me is inclined to trust the pope himself.

in my IRL experience some priests say that, hell is no-God, but a couple to whose sermons i went to said the traditional pain"Option":
The concilliar Church sometimes does this maliciously clever thing of backing something up in it's potential sense instead of it's actual sense. It is malicious because we almost always understand things in an actual sense. Its important to understand and distinguish act vs potency.

If a priest says "I am Pope," in a potential sense he is correct because it is possible. But in the actual sense it is clearly incorrect, and any priest not occupying the Chair saying this we would recognize as needing a drink or maybe some sleep.

The universalism mentioned here is true in the potential sense, because our Lord's sacrifice was intended for everyone. But we know most will be in hell, so in the actual sense our Lord's sacrifice is ultimately for those that accept and follow Him, which is why universalism was condemned as heresy. Hence, "for the many," not "for all."

Shoutout to the late Father Hesse.
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