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I am a devotee of the Monastic Diurnal. I find the traditional language and penitential theme e.g. Psalm 50 every day, sits better with my spirituality. Or maybe my lack of it.

However I do use from time to time the LOTH and the traditional 1960? Three volume Breviary. But mostly the Monastic Diurnal. 90% of the time.

I have found Pope Francis assertion that the "liturgical books" of the reforms post Vatican II the "norm of the Roman rite" unavoidable to apply to the various Offices in this context.

This is greatly disturbing me.

I am not a tradionalist in matter of fact more an admirer of same. I do not have opportunity to attend Latin mass of the extraordinary form , or have an aversion to the novus ordo. Only abuses therein.

So my question is really about the use of the various Offices post the recent Muto Propio allegedly reversing Pope Benedict's which is I'm face inside my Monastic Diurnal.

At the end of the day I am not obliged to say any particular office at all, but I am beginning to feel I should move away from my traditional breviaries at the direction of the Pope.

Is this a valid interpretation?

Kind regards

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It's a valid course of action, but not a necessary one, I wouldn't think, since you aren't canonically bound to the Office. I think maintaining stability in your prayer life is important, but if it bothers you, talk to a trusted priest and do what he advises. And to be fair, it is not my experience that the NO authorities in the Church care a whit about the Office, reformed or not—you might stir up trouble if you started organizing groups to pray the traditional breviary, but praying it at home can't realistically be a problem.
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