Point me in the right direction?
I could probably write a book about my experiences joining the Church. I've spent the past few years reading and learning as much as I can from the Catechism and by researching the evolution of doctrine over the centuries. I'm fascinated by the history of the Church and believe that its legitimacy has always been proven by its consistency.

Long story short: I am finding it impossible to reconcile Vatican II and Pope Francis with what the Church has been since the beginning. My first Mass was a TLM, and in comparison, Novus Ordo seemed like a watered down, feminized, Protestantized version of something that truly came from God. Don't get me started on ecumenism, etc. 

Any tips on where to go from here? I see a lot of comments on SSPX but I'm unfamiliar with it. You guys are probably all in a tough spot as well, loaded question!
As long as you identify as "Catholic" or "Roman Catholic" or even "Eastern Catholic", and don't want to become sedevacantist, V2 or its "Spirit" will always be there in some form or another, to greater or lesser extent.  I don't think there's any putting of that particular genie back in its bottle.  Even if you find and decide to attend Mass at an Ordinariate parish, you will have basically a TLM in beautiful English, but V2 will always be influencing the behavior of the priest(s).  In the Eastern Catholic Church you can almost ignore V2 and the papacy.  But only almost.  Its (V2's) tentacles reach almost everywhere in the Catholic world.

So....if you're looking for a Mass that isn't N.O., you have some choices but they may be getting more limited.  SSPX, FSSP, the Ordinariate, Eastern Catholicism, and maybe a few others.

If you're looking for somewhere that V2 or its "Spirit" hasn't "contaminated", I think those places are getting harder and harder to find in Catholicism.

I hope others here will correct me where I'm wrong or add to what I've said.

Btw, your characterization of the N.O. is pretty spot on.
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