1 John 2:18
What did Jesus mean by " my last hour "
Is there a Catholic teaching on this ?
Jesus did not say this.  John writes, "It is the last hour."  Then he explains what he means -- many antichrists have come.  That is your answer.
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But I question whether he comes the same time as the antichrist
Rather than obsessing about the 'end times' as you seem to be doing, remember we have been in the end times since the Crucifixion. Live each day as if it were your last, stay in a state of grace, frequent the Sacraments, say your prayers, and get on with life. 
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Well if Jesus comes in secret, I don't know if my last confession wws valid?
(09-06-2021, 09:17 AM)Malachimartin Wrote: Well if Jesus comes in secret, I don't know if my last confession wws valid?
How are these two events related?
Scripture implies he's here for a period of time ?
I think you are searching in the Bible some sort of "train schedule" of the anti-Christ. I don't think you will find such thing.
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