New Haydock Bible just published!
Quote:The reason the Church has required the approval of works distributed for public consumption is that, especially since printing, these have been quick and easy to distribute, and thus error easy to circulate. The Church has a duty to prevent theological or moral error from being distributed under guise of it being "Catholic" or "Christian". Thus, she instituted a system by which things that can be printed (i.e. easily distributed) for public use, must be approved if they touch on matters of faith, morals, Church history, theology, Scripture, philosophy, or Christian ethics.

So by your own reasoning, your posts here, which touch on matters of faith, morals, Church history, theology, Scripture, philosophy, or Christian ethics and are distributed (by this website using the worldwide web) for public consumption, and is easily read, even without joining this website, should also require an imprimatur OR SOMETHING.  After all, how do we know YOU are not trying to easily distribute and promote error??? 

Are you really concerned that an electronic reprint of Haydock's The Holy Bible: With Notes, Critical, Historical, and Explanatory, Selected from the most eminent commentators and critics has some typo that will cause unsuspecting readers to become heretics???  And that Bishops have the time and resources to examine every electronic rendering of a supposed reproduction, which for this bible entails over 8,000 pages according to Amazon's page count, with the original text, which may not even be available??

A truly careful reader, would be more interested in how faithful this ebook is to the original.  I have the original, so I for one can say without guessing or conjecture, that except for a possible typo, which I think is VERY rare, this eBook has not only WONDERFULLY reproduced this great Bible, but has perhaps made it more amenable to the times.  Not by any textual changes, but by the physical production which is far more convenient and helpful.  In the original Bible one had to "just check" to see if there were any notes on a given text.  In the eBook, there are hyperlinks that easily reveal a note exists, and with a touch make it appear.  Likewise returning to the text.  Also, a word (or even a phrase) can be highlighted and instantly searched on the resident dictionary, or even looked up on the internet, all while remaining on that bible page.  None of this was possible with the original large quarto 20 pound volume.  It's true there is a REAL satisfaction that comes with reading the original Bible as it was first printed.  But I find this eBook version so convenient, that I use it often.  Isn't that the very definition of what's the best bible for me?

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