New Haydock Bible just published!
However it is an eBook, not a print version.  It can be found where ever eBooks are sold.

Many traditional Catholics are familiar with the Haydock Bible because of its copious and wonderfully traditional orthodox notes throughout.  It was probably the FIRST great Catholic Study Bible to appear way back in 1811!  It was often reprinted throughout the 19th Century as a ponderous quarto Bible often weighing as much as 20 pounds!  There were even a couple of Folio versions: the first edition, and later in 1825 an American Edition.  Now it is enjoying a rebirth even in our own time, usually found as a facsimile copy of the 19th century quarto edition. 

What many don't know, is that there was a major revision/update of the Haydock Bible done in 1878 by converts from the Oxford Movement.  That update was based on Rev. Husenbeth's abridged version of the Haydock Bible done in 1853.  It was a light abridgement however, as it mainly was interested in removing notes with only a local passing interest, or questions of antiquity that were not pertinent.  Those Husebeth abridged Haydock Bibles were still huge and weighed up to 20 pounds!  Father Thomas G. Law and Father Frederick Canon Oakeley took this version and updated it, sometimes restoring an original note, but mostly ADDING new information that resulted from discoveries in Archaeology, Philology, and Scripture studies. 

It is this updated Haydock Bible which has just been published as an eBook.  It contains EVERYTHING, that was found in that Bible.  All of the Notes, cross references, and supplementary material, as well as some additional material that can only be found in this eBook version.  A picture of the cover was attached to this post.  It is ISBN 9780578978604 and the Full Title is: The Holy Bible: With Notes, Critical, Historical, and Explanatory, Selected from the most eminent commentators and critics by the Rev. George Leo Haydock

It was designed to be easy to use.  The notes are linked right from the Scripture Text.  The text of the Bible itself is the Douay Rheims, Challoner's revision.

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